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May 2017

Dermalogica PowerUp Skin Treatment 

Expert Active Treatment - 3 Facials accelerated into one!

Expert IonActive & BioSurfacePeel with NonSurgicalFaceLift / Microcurrent / UltraSound

The combination of these advanced skin systems are second to none for challenging skin concerns. The active concentrates replace the negative and positive ions lost in the skin due to chemical and physical reactions like light, heat, touch & pollution

By harnessing the technological brilliance of Dermalogica BioSurface Peel together with penetrative effects of IonActives you are getting maximum facial for minimum time! Product performance in enhanced for faster great skin health results.

As we age our skin cell renewal gets slower, with Dermalogica Skin Treatment PowerUp skin concerns are pinpointed and treated without the downtime - perfectly brilliant!

Dermalogica PowerUp Skin Treatment £80, during this month of May £70


IonActives Non-Surgical Lifting Facial

Non-surgical facelift treatment using IonActive molecules creating a functional change within the skin, instant results for firming, hydrating, brightening and clearing .

Firms to reduce visible signs of aging, relieves dehydrated and/or sensitized skin, brightens hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone, controls and prevents adult acne breakouts, with the lifting and toning effects of Non-Surgical Facial treatment.

IonActive molecules create a functional change within the skin giving instant results when applied directly to the skin. The Facial Electrotherapy of MicroCurrent (skin lifting & ingredient penetrating) is guided on top of the Gelloids, which are a hybrid of massage mediums & masque. The Gelloids are layered over the IonActives to seal in active ingredients and provide therapeutic cooling or energising warming sensations on the skin

Ask me for more details!

 £70—this month only  £60     Courses of treatment are available course of 6 @ £300  


Microblading—Brows Permanent Makeup

The most natural looking permanent makeup brows, to sculpture a full brow or to fill missing individual hair gaps.  This treatment is perfect for the more natural look, with very little downtime!

From £275

Scalp Tricopigmentation - Creating shadow

Hair thinning? Receding? Permanent pigmentation procedure gives shadow, the illusion of hair on balding or patchy hair lines using pigment in a specific pattern formation.  Perfect for both men and women. £200 per session


Dermalogica BioSurface Peel—brighten prematurely aging skin

Do you want smoother, brighter skin, with even tone? BioSurface Peel,  Peeling away the years—BioSurface Peel, without ‘down time’!

BioSurface Peel facials —for smoother, brighter, even skin tone

NEW Professional Expert Strength BioSurface Peel is different.  The product of years of research by the skin health experts at Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, it powerfully targets lines, hyperpigmentation & breakouts, evening out rough and skins prone to blackheads,  to take skin health to a whole smoothed, lifted & refined level—even for sensitive skin. Buy your course of  3 or 6 BioSurface Peels

BioSurface Peels £60 with Dermalogica homecare kit.



                 Soooo Ready to Go!

Geleration fingers and toes with a Body Bronzing spray tan £60

Jessica Geleration Fingers & Toes a choice of over 90 Jessica Gel colours & glitter too, our gels have been proven to have durability & longevity!!  £45

3 for £33  Choose any 3 treatments and pay only £33 from Refresher manicure, tidy toes, Eye-lash tint, party-lash extensions, brow shape

Purchase your Dermalogica here and get it sent directly to your home!!!









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