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DermaPen - Skin MicroNeedling

DermaPen is also known as the LA Face Lift, this controlled trauma to the skin addresses lines, wrinkles and all aspects of ageinincluding sun damage, pigmentation and scaring by stimulating the collagen to be produced by the skin. From all skin conditions from acne scarring, acne (not pustular) to rosacea. One treatment has amazing clarifiying effects but a course of 3-5 will make huge progress on any area of concern, £125 per session          

LA Face Lift £150 per session.


Relax in our serene, tranquil surroundings and be pampered with our one on one personal service.

Dermalogica Expert Skin Treatments

Skin treatments include Skin Fitness Plan powered by FaceMapping

We have a Dermalogica Expert status standard.

ProSkin 30 

Customised treatment, targeting key skin concerns in just 30mins. Great for busy clients who want real results in minimum time £30

ProSkin 60 

The ultimate treatment, different every time. 

Customised with advanced products, techniques & IonActive technology to induce relaxation. The ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin. £60

During this skin treatment electricals may be used to increase the results, to target areas of concern, including ageing, pigmentation, sagging, puffiness, scarring, sensitivity.


10 min express seated treatment for those clients who lack time to spare. £10

Dermalogica Pro Power Peel 30-60   

New intensive resurfacing treatment delivering dramatic results. This super charged treatment features 3 professional grade acids, powered up with the latest technology to deliver smooth polished skin. Super intensive products, no redness, not downtime… just amazing skin.  £45-£70


Additional Electrical modalities used in skin treatents of Non-Surgcial Face Lifting, microcurrent, ultrasonic, iontophoresis, galvanic and desincrustation  add £10

IonActives with non-surgial face lifting - Dermalogica

Non-surgical facelift treatment using IonActive molecules creating a functional change within the skin, instant results for firming, hydrating, brightening and clearing .

Firms to reduce visible signs of aging, relieves dehydrated and/or sensitized skin, brightens hyperpigmentation for a more even skin tone, controls and prevents adult acne breakouts, with the lifting and toning effects of Non-Surgical Facial treatment.

The Facial Electrotherapy,  MicroCurrent (skin lifting & ingredient penetrating) is guided on top of the Gelloids, which are a hybrid of massage mediums & masque. The Gelloids are layered over the IonActives to seal in active ingredients and provide therapeutic cooling or energising warming sensations on the skin for amazing relaxation benefits too.

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment—lifting, collagen stimulating hydrating & tightening benefits

Why you should go Facial Ultrasonic ..?  This is how it works. A peptide rich solution is applied to the skin, then the guided spatula is activated by ultrasonic soundwaves which loosen & lift the dry skin cells off the skin. While doing this, the solution is  infused deep into the skin allowing the “new” skin cells to get hydrated.   The vibration of the tissue causes microscopic bubbles to form, which transmit the vibrations in a way that directly stimulates the cell membranes. This physical stimulation enhances the cell-repair effects in response. The end results are better for the skin and longer lasting.

BioSurface Peels from Dermalogica

NEW Professional Expert Strength BioSurface Peel is different.  The product of research by the skin health experts at Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, it powerfully targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation and breakouts to take skin health to a whole new depth—even for sensitive skin.  Single treatment £60 including homecare kit

Perfect for imperfections, scarring, re-texturizing, smoothing, deep lines and wrinkles, removes milia (white spots), pigmentation from sun damage.  These  two stage enzyme skin peel speed up your exfoliation process bringing the younger, brighter skin to your skin surface. A great skin buster!

Receive your complimentary consultation at our  Dermalogica Skin Bar, we have a wide variety of product to enable healthy skin to all.

The Basics Range

the health range, the perfect way to startVibrant Pillar Box Red Angled Bob

The AGE Smart Range

delivers results for  prematurely aged and dehydrated skin, mature skin

MediBac Clearing Range

treatment, treats, clears and prevents adult acne.

PureBright TRx

delivers brighter, more luminous skin. Designed for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone

UltraCalming Facial system

for serious relief of sensitized skin

Clear Start

delivers a medicated system that’s tough on breakouts yet gentle on skin with the Teen in mind.


Purchase your Dermalogica here and get it sent directly to your home!!!



Diamond Touch Microdermabrasion

Polishes the top most layer of skin leaving skin supple & vibrant, with pores & congestion reduced.  Increases collagen production in the skin, enables deeper penetration of lipids into the skin for an outstanding result. Great for fine lines & wrinkles. Dislodges and removes dead skin cells immediately, sucking away all impurities to reveal a brighter and lighter skin

Single £40         course of 6 £200          course of 10 £300

Collagen Facials

Best for skin that need a lot of hydration and plumping out of wrinkles. Filling the skin full of peptides to strengthen prematurely ageing skin, sealed in with the collagen masque, reducing the visible signs of ageing and hydrating powerfully. £60


Make up & Wedding Day Packages

Pre wedding consultation, Make-up

Aromatherapy Body Massage or Dermalogica Target Facial

Jens Curls


Brow tidy/wax, The Manicure with Jessica Geleration Polish, The Pedicure with Jessica Geleration Polish,

Wedding day make-up

Make Up with i.d.Bare Escentuals        £30

Contoured Make-up including lashes £30




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